measurements of extraordinary charges (Elektro-Smog) in Bedrooms

Building biology is the knowledge about the relationship between humans and their living environment

Most of our lives (85%) are spent indoors. This situation influences us according to the materials used in the construction and decoration of a building.

Because of rapid technical development over the recent years, we are constantly subjected to some sort of artificial electro-magnetic radiation that is often millions of times stronger than the natural radiation in our environment.

The sources are electronic machines, electricity lines and broadcasting equipment amongst others.

Various procedures in the human body are disturbed by this radiation, which can lead to sickness.

Typical symptoms of electro-stress are nervous complaints, difficulties in concentration, heart and circulation problems, headaches, poor sleep, loss of energy, chronic fatigue, and a low stress threshold.

It has been proved that electro-smog is the cause of stress in the body and psyche and that it hinders healing processes while helping sicknesses to take root.

Wasserbelebungsmodul zum Anschluss an Mischwasseranlage
water-vitalizing device for installation at main water-supply © PURquell OHG

As a building biologist, we use professional instruments with which we measure various possible sources of disturbances around rest and work areas.

After localising the sources and evaluating the measurements, we can examine the effects of the force fields upon the tenants and develop geomantic and biological possibilities for influencing the sources based upon the individual needs of the tenants.

If the source of the disturbance is localised outside of the living/working space, then we can write up an assessment and advice outside help.

For large complicated projects, we work in a team with highly experienced and qualified construction biologists.