Feng Shui for Business & Office: Cutting-Edge Knowledge from Feng Shui Wisdom, Jes T. Y. Lim

Vital building - Humans are a part of nature.

Bring vitality and dynamic into your business, attract prosperity and success!

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what is Vital-Energi™ Design?

Qi-Mag® Feng Shui is, with regard to the structures and cultures of countries, a system that functions worldwide, analysing places, forms, designs, objects and symbols whose essences can be used in the design places of work and residence.

It is non-dogmatic and can be used for all designs!

It is the language of and between the materials and the details of design. It reveals to us the liveliness, power and energies that are integral to places, forms, architecture and design.

This knowledge is used by many leading firms such as Siemens, Bosch, Hyatt Hotels, Shangri-la Hotel group, Hong Kong Bank, Bayerische Vereins Bank, Marks and Spencer and many more…

calm sitting-area for clients
Die Zukunftswerkstatt - Suhl

In times of tough competition, the optimal positioning and use of resources is important.

We integrate eastern and western knowledge into a holistic concept for living space that does not separate us from nature but allows us to take our place within it!

Through simple methods, the vitality, productivity and motivation of employees can be increased. Through these changes, the position and decisions of management are supported We pay close attention to the energetic problems in most large offices that lead to lack of communication, burn out syndromes, mobbing and other office related disturbances

A general improvement of the atmosphere and coordination in the workplace through a vital architectural design and optimal work-space design, are further advantages of a holistic business and design consultation

You can help ensure the success of your business!

Older buildings can also be positively improved through an holistic business and design consultation. With consideration of your individual goals, we will integrate our ideas with your business profile. We work closely with highly trained and experienced professional business advisors.

There is always a solution!

...we find solutions!

  • Problems with interiors and exteriors which influence the business.
  • Advantageous spacing and seating plans for effective management
  • Correct seating for conferences, meetings and lectures
  • How one can be the boss when one is not the Boss
  • Where one should sit in order to get promoted quicker
  • the best position for optimal meditation and selling success
  • The best placement of cashier and reception for higher profits
  • Proper decoration and placement of entry ways in order to attract more customers
  • Choosing land with strong land energy as a business location
  • The principle of the five elements and colour combinations in the office in order to increase productivity and creativity
  • The proper design for more vitality
  • How you can protect yourself and your co-workers from geopathologic stress and electro-smog
  • Techniques and principles for effective logos, which can promote success and long life in a business
  • Good and comfortable furnishings in office spaces
  • The proper seating for therapists and doctors for effective consultations