Feng Shui for Business & Office: Cutting-Edge Knowledge from Feng Shui Wisdom, Jes T. Y. Lim

Pools & Spas: Ideas for Planning, Designing, and Landscaping, Francis J. Donegan, David Short

Hotel Jardin Tropical - Tenerifé/Spain by GAUDI
Hotel "Jardin Tropical" - Tenerifé/Spain by GAUDI

Business Feng Shui for Hotel and   Wellness

Health and wellness is a growing economic branch. More and more people want to indulge themselves, to relax after a stressful day and then go home fresh and revitalised.

How can a person feel at ease in a wellness centre where the electrical outlets are directly near the head?

With our highly qualified and experienced team of experts, we concentrate especially on the important energetic aspects of comfort design, in order to guarantee the optimal comfort of the guests. On the business side, we consider the aspects of corporate identity that contribute to successful hotel management (logo design, etc.).

Eine besondere Rolle für die vitale Gesundheit der Gäste spielen energetisierte Wasseranlagen (Heilwasser), polarisierte Steine und ein gutes Feng Shui im Wellness Bereich.

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