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Medical practices, therapeutical- and rehabilitation - centres

(eg. psychologists, natural healers, etc...)

In the treatment of psychological or spiritual problems, the environment plays an important role. Peacefully flowing water, refreshing air with a pleasant aroma, and natural surroundings help to lead the thoughts in a positive direction, whether in a psychotherapeutic, natural healer's or other doctor's practice.

The intention of 'Buildings for Health' is to focus on one and one's needs, to understand one fully, and to free one from fear and insecure feelings.

The medical and technical procedures are, in this way, not only in the foreground

Architecture, interior architecture and design are part of the therapy and are actively used in the healing process.

The planning of a doctor's office is always understood as an expression of individuality that correlates with the personal expression of the doctor.

EYZOOIA - Health Centre Athens

For the designer and the architect, this means that the practice will be designed and constructed as a well-rounded representation of the personal goals of the doctor.

We can show you the possibilities and methods that are available in order to successfully carry out healing-supportive design concepts, with the consideration of all rules and regulations.

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