Feng Shui for Business & Office: Cutting-Edge Knowledge from Feng Shui Wisdom, Jes T. Y. Lim

...what is business Feng Shui?

The science and art of design, of placing workspaces and businesses in locations that are harmonic and have a high vital energy

In this way, the vitality of the space is strengthened, and a supportive relaxed atmosphere is achieved. Creativity increases energy, attracts customers, encourages sales, success and prosperity

Our qualified team of experts offer, in this master's class of business Feng Shui, high level business and project consulting.

vital-office © Thomas Schopf

We go into detail over energy problems - from small single-person businesses to large modern office spaces - that can lead to burnout, communication problems, and mobbing amongst other difficulties.

We can give you advice about what factors weaken the dynamic in a business and how this stagnation of energy can be brought to flow, through Feng Shui.

We offer holistic solutions!

Variable/modular furniture systems for more harmony in your office, team integrity & creativity. Harmonic design with optimal measurements, protection from electromagnetic radiation, excellent craftsmanship ( Feng Shui gold medal in 2000 for best Feng Shui office furniture design)

...and much more!

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